About Us


My name is Benny Zale and I have been constructing high-end residential renovations for the past 30 years.

Since then we have built many exclusive projects for New York City’s top echelon of society. I’ve worked very hard for many years togain the confidence, and friendship, of some of the most influential and most recognized people in the world. We specialize in all matters of high-end renovation. Whether it’s a new townhouse, home, apartment, loft, or any kind of project, we are the best choice. We are not afraid of thinking ‘out of the box’. That’s also why we’ve won awards for our work and why many of our jobs are repeatedly published in magazines and books such as: Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Robb Report, Bringing Paris Home, etc. Although it is nice to see our work in these magazines, we do not seek it. We don’t advertise for business. All of our business is through referrals from previous clients, architects, and designers. As a matter of fact, many designers and architects want to work exclusively with us because of our can do attitude and lack offear to present new ideas. We also prefer not to grow too large as a company. That way we can keep our quality level at its maximum.

Zale is a family owned business. My wife and son work by my side to ensure that our projects always meet our client’s highest expectations. For many of our clients, having a personal and trusting relationship is very important. We go out of our way to ensure our clients that they are in the right hands.

Throughout our company history, we have consistently proven our ability to deliver projects of high quality craftsmanship on time, and more importantly, within budget to our clients. In 1993 we had moved our principal headquarters to a 17,000 square foot woodworking shop with ‘State of the Art’ machinery that allows us to constructand design any kind of custom millwork. This includes moldings, custom veneering, door veneering, curved woodworks (i.e. doors and cabinetry). We have a CNC machine that can carve reliefs into our millwork. We also have investedin a state of the art heated spray booth. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only woodworking shop in NYC with this kind of booth. The heat allows for a perfect finish because the heat melts the lacquer/paint to be perfectly level.

Within our establishment we have many departments. We have a drafting department, project management department, woodworking department, general contracting department, finishing department, accounting department and a custom veneering and form work department. We also have a 10,000 square foot storage facility to ensure items are properly storage and protected when in production and when completed.

Within the precincts of our company we understand that the work is only as good as its craftsmen and our craftsmen are the best. Many of our craftsmen have been with our company for over 25 years. On top of this honor we are an established member of the national Architectural Woodworking Institute that provides proof that our woodwork is of the highest quality of any cabinetry, paneling, library designs, kitchen cabinetry, custommolding, door veneering, and custom veneering.

We would love to have the pleasure of working with you in the future.